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  • Construction Documents

  • Design & Peer Reviews

  • Third Party Oversight

  • Building Envelope Consulting


  • Building Evaluation & Analysis

  • Water Intrusion Expertise

  • Building Performance Investigations

  • Scope of Repair Development



  • Capital Needs Assessments

  • Reserve Studies

  • Maintenance Plans

  • Development of Maintenance Protocol

  • Building Evaluation & Analysis

  • Invasive Investigations

  • Scope of Repair Development

  • Design & Detailing Services

  • Cost Analysis & Bid Reviews

  • Design Review

  • Repair Oversight & Administration



Structural Waterproofing provided an excellent consultancy on exterior envelope, roofing and all waterproofing issues for the Village at Mary’s Woods. They have a full understanding of all the pertinent code and product based procedures as well as a pragmatic expertise in monitoring the waterproofing issues that arise in the field of multi-level, large scale projects.


They are a five star firm that has my highest recommendation.

—  Don Hynes, CPM




Protecting and Maintaining Your Investment​

In today’s economic climate, risk management and protecting the value of real estate assets are the top priorities for property owners and managers.  Water intrusion can be the single most destructive factor to the structural integrity of a building.  If left unchecked, it can cause untold damage and, literally, bring a building down.


Building envelope consultants play a vital role in managing risk and sustaining a structure’s health, longevity and value. By performing forensic building envelope assessments – a complete examination of a structure’s exterior from roof to below grade – we provide an accurate professional assessment of the structure’s current condition, weatherability and susceptibility to water intrusion.  


Our core services include building envelope consulting for the design phase of new construction and existing projects, weatherproofing/ waterproofing design and consulting. "What's Wrong, Who's Responsible, What's the Scope of Repair, and How Much Will It Cost"

As a full-service firm, we work with architects, contractors and building owners on the design phase of new construction projects, as well as on the remodel or remediation of existing buildings.  We provide waterproofing consultation and plan reviews, from design development through construction documents.  We design building envelopes for new projects, design repairs for existing projects, develop repair scopes (including plans and specifications), obtain bids, oversee repairs and provide construction management services.

As independent observers of the construction phase for both new and existing projects, we ensure that all building envelope systems are properly constructed and meet manufacturers’ specifications and industry standards. Our services extend to third party assessments of exterior finishes (brick, stucco, EIFS, metal panel, composite siding), window and door installations, roofing systems, and the application of protective coatings, seals and sealants.


Our litigation support includes expert witness services and third party assessments for construction defects or premature failure.


As forensic investigators versed in proper design and construction, we are focused on the latest advances in building envelope science. Our services speak for the building.

Autzen Stadium
Autzen Stadium

University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon

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Tamarak Resort

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Henne Residence

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Autzen Stadium
Autzen Stadium

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