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Capital Needs Assessments 

Once we’ve completed our visual exterior and interior assessments, our reporting is tailored to your needs; including: health and safety issues, deferred maintenance, elements of non-conformance, immediate physical needs as well as identifying any repairs and/ or significant replacement needs that will be required to maintain the project’s physical integrity over the next thirty-year period.

Reserve Studies

We assess the condition and develop an inventory of common area replacement items and provide a thirty-year replacement schedule of the anticipated common area items. The Reserve Study will be developed in compliance with CAI standards and the State of Oregon Statute ORS 100.175 or the State of Washington Senate Bill SB 6215.

Maintenance Plans

We are considered some of the foremost experts for water intrusion prevention.  However, we spend most of our days investigating the cause of leaks and the most economical and efficient protocol to repair.


Proper and timely maintenance is critical.  It is also less expensive than the results of deferred or improper maintenance. Properly maintained building components perform as intended with extended service life.   


In order to help our clients avoid costly repairs, special assessments and deteriorating properties, we developed our Maintenance Manual.  The manual is customized for each building highlighting the maintenance needs of the building’s components and a precise schedule of when to perform this maintenance. 


The Maintenance Manual is a document that can be used as a communication and tracking tool to make sure those tasks are getting done. These manuals tell the team when maintenance procedures need to be done, what things to look for, and also provides a sign off matrix to keep track of what has been done, by who and when. With good communication, clearly defined task assignments and written expectations, building maintenance status can be reviewed with our maintenance schedule in minutes.


The Maintenance Manual allows the Building Owner, Property Manager and Maintenance Staff to track and budget for necessary maintenance while reducing the risk of unforeseen and unnecessary repairs.

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