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Construction Documents

We provide Design/ Envelope Consultant Services, applying over 20 years of experience in design review and inspection services to ensure your project is done right. Constructing a building envelope correctly, the first time, will dramatically improve a structure's useful life and reduce long-term maintenance costs. We have the ability to prepare and stamp construction drawings for permit review and approval in accordance with state licensing requirements. We can draft drawings/ details as your design and construction team prepares for the bidding, construction and permit application processes.

Design & Peer Reviews

As part of your design and construction team, we will consult with contractors and architects to review (Redline Review) and develop your drawings and specifications (Design Services) to help ensure your new structure is built for maximum weather protection. We offer Shop Drawings and Submittals (product submittals and product substitution requests) Review for buildings envelope systems to confirm compliance of building products with project specifications. We can also provide the expertise needed when seeking a LEED designation for your new building. 


Third Party Oversight

We perform site observations of building envelope/ waterproofing material assemblies to assess installation compliance with manufacturers' recommendations and the construction documents (Mock Up Assemblies, Construction Progress, Window Water Testing and Storefront Water Testing Observations with Field Reports). We provide guidance and support for your construction team /sub-contractors to prevent, or correct, work observed on site and document compliance to the construction documents and best practices.


We can complete a final punch list job walk and a final report that documents the repairs that were completed in the scope of the project.

Building Envelope Consulting

We provide timely input and response to client’s questions and to Requests For Information (RFIs) related to components of the building envelope system or any waterproofing questions in our scope.

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