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Because you’ve got more to worry about than whether your expert witness will perform, we keep it simple. Construction defect litigation is rifled with complications. Our goal is to NOT be one of them.

We have over 30 years of building construction defect litigation support experience specializing in building envelopes. We have observed and/ or supervised thousands of building envelope tests, written hundreds of expert reports, and have appeared in countless depositions and court appearances. We are recognized, respected experts.

Structural Waterproofing Consultants provides both defense and plaintiff services.

We are easy to work with, accessible, and reliable. Our letter of engagement is purposefully flexible. The contact number you have for us is your expert witness’ cell phone. When you call, we will answer, in person, and we will follow up.

As expert witnesses, we are seasoned professionals – a licensed architect and forensic investigators – all with many years of experience, in the field and in the court.

Building Evaluation & Analysis

We provide reviews of all exterior materials and claddings types:  From Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), metal panels, fiber-cement cladding, stucco, and every type in between, or on the horizon. We assess all building envelope components, as they perform as a whole. Our primary method of investigating various building materials is accomplished through visual observations and assessments to identify signs of possible water intrusion, deferred maintenance, construction defects/ deficient conditions, premature failure and product installations that are not in accordance with building code, manufacturers’ recommended installation instructions and/ or industry standards.

​Once a condition assessment is performed, we can determine the level of repairs required to correct any construction deficiencies.

Water Intrusion Expertise

Building Performance Investigations

Scope of Repair Development

We can prepare a Scope of Repair (SOR) identifying and documenting repair solutions for contractor pricing. The Construction Documents (CD’s) includes the SOR, details, specifications and bid form for distribution.  The Bid Form provides contractors a standard format to submit the information required for evaluation of the bid. We also provide Bid Administration Services that include soliciting qualified contractor bids, a pre-bid walk, answering contractors’ Requests For Information (RFIs) and bid comparison/ analysis.

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